Legale Agnoloni International Law Firm, with its offices in New York, Toronto and London and thanks to the collaboration with its correspondent Partners, offers its activity of international consultancy and legal assistance both towards Italian clients living abroad and foreign clients living in Italy.

The gained experience and international vocation of Legale Agnoloni is nowadays fundamental, considering that the majority of commercial transactions and private matters regarding the international field and international conferees, and this is stated by the fact that over the 70% of our clients (both privates and companies) is domiciled or has the head office abroad, especially in Europe and in Countries adopting the Common Law system. Therefore, our best professionals and collaborators are able to deal with our clients using English and at least another one foreign language, and they had worked or had studied abroad for significant time and are qualified to legal practice also in foreign legal order.

In this view, the Firm works outside the national frontiers, through a wide range of international professional working relationships with many foreign Embassies and Chambers of Commerce in Italy and the same Italian abroad, and with Italian Law Firms associate with REAL, a network planned and founded by Legale Agnoloni itself. These relations allow the Firm to provide its clients with a quick and integrated first level assistance about every kind of international operations or activities, assisting them in transnational matters that need a deep knowledge of other legal orders.

Legale Agnoloni is able to efficiently help its own Italian and international patronage. In fact the Firm assists Italian and foreigner privates that have personal and commercial interests in Italy and abroad and that have to deal with different legal orders about matters such as real estate, commercial law, inheritance law, tax law, family law and by the same token is able to offer to Italian and foreigner companies the specific assistance for internationalizing and for de-localizing themselves.

With particular regard to this last mentioned activity, the Firm offers services of internationalization to enterprises e.g. among others: the previous marketing analysis of product areas of interest; the research of industrial, commercial and logistic partners; the legal, contractual and fiscal assistance in accordance with the local and international regulations; the in loco assistance for the obtaining of eventual tax and/or financial incentives provided for foreigner investors; the in loco assistance in operations with administrative authority to request and release of licenses and/or authorizations; the help in opening bank accounts both personal and business; the draft of international commercial contracts regarding import-export operations and for taking part to exhibitions, events and commercial missions; the international financial planning related to the manage of the enterprise’s risk; the transfer pricing analysis and the stipulation of cost sharing agreements.

Legale Agnoloni is therefore expert in the fields of international commerce and international companies law, and particularly points to the foreign enterprises that want to invest abroad; in addition the Firm works on the analysis of the company structure in order to guarantee the operations in Italy and abroad and also on the set up of the same company, the retrieval of the representative offices and the seats where the company will be able to work, on keeping the accounts and account books, gives continuous assistance after the steady constitution of the productive organization abroad and, widely, of every single aspect related to the internationalization of the same enterprise.